New mums at Royal Preston Hospital to benefit from specialist electric breast pumps

specialist electric breast pumps
Mothers caring for their neonatal and sick babies at Royal Preston Hospital’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit are to benefit from six new, specialist electric breast pumps which they can use whilst on the unit. The Medela Symphony pump is the best pump on the market for mothers of premature babies who often find it difficult to initiate lactation and express milk due to the premature birth of their baby. The easy-to-clean pumps are fully portable and have a range of programmes to suit each mum’s needs. While several are already in use in the NICU, having an extra six pumps, it will make it easier and more convenient for mums to express their milk when they need to whilst they are on the neonatal unit, either in a private room or at their baby’s cot side to allow them to spend more time with their baby. The unit plans for the pumps to be loaned to parents to use at home when their baby has been discharged. The pumps have been funded by Baby Beat, the neonatal and maternity charity at the Trust. Cathy Skidmore, Baby Beat manager, said: “By purchasing these additional specialist breast pumps it will make it easier for mums of neonatal babies to express their milk when and where they need to and promote a better sense of wellbeing and confidence for mothers and their babies during what is an anxious time in their lives.”   You can support babies and mothers being cared for Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust here.