Neonatal charity receive donations of silk to help protect premature babies at Lancashire Teaching Hospitals

Silk Sheets for Neonatal Babies

Baby Beat, the charity which supports babies and mothers being cared for at Lancashire Teaching Hospitals, has, with the help of its supporters and volunteers, sourced donations of pure silk which have been made into handmade sheets to be used by the tiniest babies on the neonatal unit.

Babies who are born extremely premature often present with skin integrity issues and the standard sheets used on neonatal units can be abrasive to their delicate skin, which can cause further damage.  Neonatal specialists from across the country recommend that laying premature babies on silk can help to protect their delicate skin and reduce any damage at such a crucial time in their first days and weeks.

Baby Beat received a number of donations of silk fabric, and a generous group of volunteers have been working hard to ensure the neonatal unit has plenty of silk sheets on hand.

Joanne Smith, Matron for Newborn Services at Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, said:

“The first stages of all babies’ lives are crucial, and protecting the delicate skin of premature babies is particularly vital. Neonatal colleagues from other parts of the country have shared their practice of laying extremely preterm babies, of 22-23 weeks gestation, on a small piece of silk to help protect their skin. Silk does not launder well, so we need to dispose of each piece after use and change the sheet at least twice each day.

“We are extremely grateful for the silk donations made to Baby Beat and for the team of sewers who are handmaking the sheets. We have about 50 sheets made so far.  If anyone has any unused, new silk which they are willing to donate, either in ready-made silk squares or in rolls of silk that could be into 30cmx30cm square sheets from we would be very grateful.”

The neonatal team estimates they will need around 100 silk sheets each year to ensure every preterm baby has the protection they really need.

For more information or to get in touch with a donation, please contact Baby Beat on or call 01772 524414.