Baby Beat funds life-saving baby resuscitation unit for hospital Emergency Department


Neonatal and maternity charity Baby Beat has funded a life-saving baby resuscitation unit for the Emergency Department at Royal Preston Hospital.

The Panda Resuscitaire unit will ensure babies born in the emergency department are kept warm and safe before being transferred to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

The unit, which costs around £15,000, has been funded thanks to fundraising efforts by Baby Beat and its supporters and donors, along with grants of £1,000 from the Risley Medical, Research, and Charity Trust Fund and £2,000 from the Harold and Alice Bridges Charity.

Around four to six babies are born in the emergency department at Royal Preston Hospital each year.

The unit will help optimise care through innovative technology built into the unit, such as a radiant heating source for babies requiring thermal care.

Michelle Carroll, Paediatric Sister at Royal Preston Hospital, said: “We are delighted to have this innovative unit in our Emergency Department.

“The Panda Resuscitaire will enhance the life-saving care that our dedicated paediatrics provide to babies born in the Emergency Department.”

Cathy Skidmore, Baby Beat Manager, added: “We are delighted to fund this specialised piece of equipment.

 “We are very grateful to all of our supporters and the Trusts which have awarded us grants to ensure we could secure this equipment which will make a real difference to babies born in an emergency situation.”